TCMS Environmental Health Task Force

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The workgroup would be comprised of 7 to 9 members. Meetings will be held every other month prior to the TCMS Board of Directors meeting.


1. Present to the TCMS Board a literature review summarizing the environmental impacts on health with an emphasis on Minnesota and the Twin Cities metro area. This review should articulate how natural and built environments affect human health.

2. Conduct an assessment of efforts, initiatives, programs and organizations primarily within the 7-county Metro area that have an impact on environmental health and that would benefit from physician involvement.

3. Develop TCMS strategies and action plans to educate, engage, and empower physicians to become better stewards of health environments for the benefit of our patients.

4. Present the EHTF’s findings to the TCMS Board of Directors for review and implementation.

For more information on this task force, please contact Sue Schettle, CEO, and Twin Cities Medical Society at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .