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"Voices in Advance Care Planning"

crossHow to use in clinics & hospital settings

While everyone is different, this conversation is best received AFTER a trusting relationship is developed between the healthcare professional and their patient/family. This is not a conversation to begin the first time you’re meeting a person/patient.
Some preliminary steps to follow are:

1. Determine who the best healthcare team member is to begin this conversation. It may be a physician, nurse, social worker, faith leader or other person. Carefully explain that:
       • ACP is a normal conversation between all providers and their patients.
       • An ACP conversation is for all adults 18 years of age and older.
       • The best time to have this conversation is while you’re still healthy.
       • An ACP converstion will protect you and guide your family.

2. Always include a debriefing session with the individual/family after viewing the ACP video. Discussion points can include:
      • Have you heard of advance care planning?
      • What did you understand about the video?
      • How could you best have this conversation with your loved ones, family members or trusted friends?

3. Keep in mind that having this conversation and completing a health care directive is a process that takes place over time!

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