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"Voices of Advance Care Planning"

community-blueHow to use in community settings

Many individuals like to watch and discuss these videos in an intimate small group setting. Listening to other people’s experiences and sharing your own perspectives can be a life-changing event.

1. Bring together a small group of trusted friends, colleagues or community members to share stories and experiences. Many people prefer these discussions within a faith or cultural setting. It’s an opportunity to bring like-minded people together to share their perspectives on an important topic.

2. Include refreshments or food as a welcoming introduction to the videos. After watching, have an informal debriefing session. Ask questions such as:
        • What did you understand about ACP in the video?
        • How does your faith or culture view ACP?
        • How can you and faith or community members support each other in beginning ACP conversations?

3. Introduce ACP within your community in other ways. Include ACP information in faith and community e-newsletters. Have a knowledgeable speaker discuss this subject with your group. Explore other ways to introduce ACP thoughtfully!

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