Our Purpose

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The mission of the Twin Cities Medical Society is to connect, represent and engage physicians in improving clinical practice, policy development and public health initiatives.

Vision Statement
Providing leadership for the health of our communities.

Mission Statement
To connect, represent, and engage physicians in improving the practice of medicine, policy development and public health initiatives.

Five Key Areas of Strategic Focus

Our Public and Community Health Focus
Goal #1: The Diverse community of the Twin Cities will achieve equity in health and well-being.

Lead: Generate leadership within the medical community
  • Embolden Honoring Choices MN
  • Engage, educate and build advocacy capacity through Physician Advocacy Network
  • Evaluate impact of HCM and other programs
Build: Develop relationships in communities, medical systems, key organizations to learn about opportunities and to broaden impact of our projects
  • Cradle to K (Minneapolis focused)
  • Read Talk Sing or Reach Out and Read
  • Build youth cadet program
Convene: specialty and primary care groups to address health inequities
  • Focus on -9 to 5 (gestation to 5 years old)
  • Identify other areas to collaborate

Our Public Policy Advocacy Focus
Goal #2: Be the most effective advocate for public policy initiatives important to TCMS physicians.

Evaluate: Policy scope and focus
  • Use legislative and policy committee
  • Gain input from members
  • Develop talking points, fact sheets
  • Enhance Physician Advocacy Network
Recruit: Key Partners
  • Partner with specialty societies
  • MMA, MMGMA, others
  • Related health care organizations
  • Community groups
  • City/County/State elected officials
Develop: Process
  • Rapid response with targeted dissemination
  • Achieve rapid board approval
  • Proactively advocate on members behalf

Our Physician Centric Advocacy Focus

Goal #3: The Twin Cities is one of the best enviornments for physicians to live and practice in the nation.

Advocate for sustainable practices
  • Supoort all practice types
  • Identify and create policy around system issues
  • Contracting support for physicians & residents
  • Develop toolkit of resources
  • Lead on emerging issues

Lead on Physician Well-Being
  • Toolkit of resources (focus on career, social, financial and physical)
  • Research and advocate for changes that improve physician work environments
  • Convene one annual well-being event

Our Member Focus

Goal #4: Increase visibility, awareness and benefits of the Society to members and the community.
  • Attract and retain members
  • Increase awareness of the Twin Cities Medical Society
  • Expand opportunities for collegiality and involvement

Our Management Focus
Goal #5: Effectively manage the financial affairs of the Society.
  •  Maintain our financial strength
  • Assure open, effective governance and decision-making

Effective January 1, 2010, the East Metro and West Metro Medical Societies have merged and are now Twin Cities Medical Society.

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