TCMS Members Serving on the MMA Policy Council

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tcmssymbolAt last year's MMA Annual Meeting it was voted by the House of Delegates to form a Policy Council. The council would be a way for members to provide input, feedback, and ideas on important health policy issues in Minnesota. Ideas and feedback given to the Policy Council will be forwarded on to the MMA Board of Trustees for further consideration. 

Information on the Policy Council (composition, terms, etc)
TCMS has 15 positions on the Policy Council. Several members expressed interest in serving and those names were forwarded to the TCMS Nominating Committee. Fifteen were selected and approved by the TCMS Executive Committee. TCMS members serving on the MMA Policy Council are:
  • Chris Johnson, MD
  • Craig Walvatne, MD
  • Doug Pryce, MD
  • Jessica Heiring, MD
  • Christopher Reif, MD
  • Leah Anderson
  • Pete Dehnel, MD
  • Evan James
  • Alexander Feng
  • Laurie Drill-Mellum, MD
  • Ramnik Dhaliwal, MD
  • Stuart Cameron, MD
  • Ken Kephart, MD
  • Mark Eggen, MD
  • Neil Shah, MD

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