graceful journey updateThe Minnesota Council of Churches continues to expand its Graceful Journey program through presentations in churches and by training congregations to care for their members during illness, aging and dying.

Graceful Journey 
has confirmed 60 congregation presentations - either two 90-minute presentations or four 45- minute sessions in adult education forums.  Evaluations from 26 of the completed sessions indicate that attendees are extremely grateful for the information they received.  Their comments include: 
  • "Useful, practical information."
  • "I definitely need to complete a health care directive and my will - a priority now!"
  • "I am blessed to receive this information in time."
  • "I am on the right path. I will meet with all my family....even though agent knows my wishes."
The MN Council of Churches, in partnership with Project Compassion, has created Congregation of Care training for churches to enhance or develop their caring ministries.  Congregation of Care is a distinctive system of support in the community of faith that involves the whole community, inspiring active involvement with congregants during critical times, such as hospitalization following surgery, living with illness, caregiving, aging, dying, death and grief.  It seeks to enhance and develop a caring, compassionate congregation on the basis of deeply held religious beliefs, sustainable caring, education and support for members that will result in a cultural transformation of the congregation.

The objective of the training is to build a shared understanding with pastors (ministry leaders) and leadership teams on how to integrate caring and preparing for illness, caregiving, end of life and grief into a community of faith.  Congregation of Care training will take place on Friday, September 20, 2013 at the MN Council of Churches, 122 W. Franklin Avenue in Minneapolis.

For further information please contact Helen Jackson Lockett-El, or 612-230-3345. 

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