"Wonderful training!  I feel much more prepared."

"So helpful learning how to better engage patients in this important dialog."

"This seminar was very informative - the instructors are knowledgeable and passionate about ACP"

"I'm excited to add this to my practice."

These are quotes from attendees at our October training sessions, certifying more professionals and volunteers as First Steps Facilitators and Instructors. 

The Facilitator class brought new skills to 19 health care professionals and community volunteers, certifying them to meet with individuals and guide them through the ACP process.  This class is taught twice each year or can be customized for your needs and taught on-site.

ACP Design and Implementation was day 2 of the 3-day series.  In this class, participants learned the components of designing and implementing a successful ACP program in their work place, taking into consideration cultural issues, resources, challenges and benefits.

The third day of class was the Instructor Certification - bringing people to the level of being able to teach the Facilitator class.  Five students completed this class and can now lead classes as their places of work or in the community.  We congratulate Julie Shinn and Thibaut de Roos of The Waters Senior Living, Karla Dahl of Lifesprk, Elizabeth Mahan of Lake Region Healthcare, and Lynn Betzold, Massage Therapist, on their achievement!

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