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"Voices of Advance Care Planning"

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Introducing advance care planning (ACP) and end-of-life conversations with any individual and family requires skill, compassion and care.  Many populations living in the United States have strict taboos on having these discussions.  Many believe that bringing up end-of-life wishes may invite bad things to happen.  Others consider the physician “the expert” in these matters.  Still others believe that in discussing this subject, healthcare professionals are “giving up” on a loved one.

Three new ACP videos are now available in Spanish, Hmong and Somali for these populations.  Each was designed by and for members of the community to best meet sensitive multicultural needs.  Each video explores challenges and barriers facing their broad community.

Each video is completely in Spanish, Hmong and Somali with English or respective language subtitles.  Each video is different – focusing on unique aspects of ACP and end-of-life care experiences.  A “how to use” guide also helps you introduce conversations in healthcare/clinic settings, in one’s private home, and with community groups and organizations.

Every conversation is a cultural conversation.  We hope these <10 minute video “shorts” will help you to begin the conversation in a timely, sensitive way. 

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