The Honoring Choices team is looking for two additional staff to help continue the statewide growth of ACP programs.  Both job listings are available on the MN Council of Nonprofits Job Board.  Please share this news with people who have a passion for advance care planning and are looking for a new professional challenge!

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TCMS/Winona State U Academic Partnership

When Leah Habicht and Elizabeth McLean, began their doctoral program in nursing at Winona State University, they had no idea they would become advance care planning (ACP) champions. As highly experienced nurses in patient-centered acute and hospice/palliative care settings, they are part of a new partnership between the Twin Cities Medical Society (TCMS) and Winona State University’s College of Nursing and Health Sciences.

With a strong interest in improving health for patients and their loved ones, Ms. Habicht and Ms. McLean are completing research on ACP among multicultural Minnesota communities.  With a focus on Latino/Hispanic perceptions in ACP, the students are using the new “Voices of ACP” Spanish language video to identify perceptions on beginning this important conversation and completing an Honoring Choices Minnesota health care directive.

They have completed literature reviews, developed a Spanish/English outcome survey, and conducted community-based ACP education sessions within the Latino/Hispanic community.  They will next evaluate changes in ACP perception after viewing the new culturally sensitive video and completing an education intervention.

winona doc students spanish speaking elders
Winona State U nursing doctoral students Elizabeth McLean (left) and Leah Habicht facilitate an ACP education session with Latino/Hispanic elders. Spanish-speaking elders at Centro Tyrone Guzman community center in Minneapolis learn the importance of completing health care directives

“We have been moved by many challenges facing advance care planning within the Latino community,” explain the doctoral nursing candidates.  “Our literature reviews revealed several barriers that initially seemed insurmountable.  However, our experiences have suggested that introducing ACP using culturally sensitive and linguistically appropriate interventions can transform those barriers into opportunities. The Voices of ACP video is a tool that can open the door and invite members within the community to start the conversation.”

Dr. Jane Foote, EdD, their nursing faculty advisor believes, “This partnership between the Winona State University (WSU) Graduate Nursing program and Honoring Choices has benefits for the students, both organizations, and diverse Minnesota communities.  The graduate program benefits from connecting the faculty and students to a project that matters deeply to the health of Minnesota.  The student leadership and active participation supports the sensitive use of the new multicultural videos in navigating ACP family conversations.”

The final outcomes of the Latino/Hispanic ACP community intervention project will be published in an upcoming issue of the MetroDoctors journal.

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 Somali Health Coalition Previews New Multicultural ACP Videos
 Somali Health Coalition Members
Amira Adawe and Abdiaziz Omar
Honoring Choices Minnesota was invited to share the new Somali ACP video, “Voices of Advance Care Planning” with members of the Somali Health Coalition at Saint Paul-Ramsey County Public Health on June 16, 2015.  The Coalition meets monthly to share resources, reduce Somali healthcare disparities and promote healthcare equity.  Participants discussed opportunities for showcasing the video within the metropolitan Somali community.  Key recommendations included dialogues at Somali adult day care centers, Somali cable/radio, Somali public/resident housing facilities and community nursing services.

Participants shared these perspectives on the new video:
  • “I liked the ACP perspectives from the Somali physician, community advocate and spiritual leader.  Quoting passages from the Quran was also moving and effective.
  • “I liked how both men and women community leaders were featured in the video.  The delivery of this message was extremely gentle.”
  • “I liked the pro-active advice from a family perspective on having the conversation.  Also, including the Somali scholar and reciting passages of the Quran was very important.”
  • “I wouldn’t change anything in the video – it was great!”

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New Multicultural Videos Showcased

bgreene showcase1 audiance shwocase1

For the first time, the new Honoring Choices Minnesota’s “Voices of Advance Care Planning” multicultural videos were showcased with health care professionals and community advocates of the MN Department of Health’s Refugee Health Task Force.

Through a grant by Aligning Forces for Quality (AF4Q), a Robert Wood Johnson Foundation’s signature effort to lift the overall quality of health care in targeted communities, reduce racial and ethnic disparities, and provide models for national reform, Latino/Hispanic, Hmong, and Somali videos were produced.  

All videos were created by diverse multicultural leaders within the Latino/Hispanic, Hmong, and Somali communities.  Each was designed for use by healthcare professionals, patients/clients, and community members in three distinct settings:
  • Health systems and clinics;
  • Comfortable, trusted home environments with individuals of all ages and families;
  • Community settings including faith and multicultural communities, schools/education facilities, skilled and assisted nursing facilities, and other locations.

Each video has subtitles in English and the respective language of each audience.  Viewers can watch trailers and videos online with a new “How to Use” guide.  Hard copy DVDs are also available.  The goal of these new tools is to reduce advance care planning and end-of-life health disparities through new multicultural friendly resources that are designed for intergenerational communities.

(To view videos click here)

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"Voices of Advance Care Planning"

About the Videos How to Use Watch the Trailer
 hcm voicesofacp 4  hcm voicesofacp 3  hcm voicesofacp 2
 hcm voicesofacp 5  hcm voicesofacp 8  hcm voicesofacp 7
 hcm voicesofacp 6  hcm voicesofacp 9  hcm voicesofacp 1
Latino Voices Hmong Voices Somali Voices

Introducing advance care planning (ACP) and end-of-life conversations with any individual and family requires skill, compassion and care.  Many populations living in the United States have strict taboos on having these discussions.  Many believe that bringing up end-of-life wishes may invite bad things to happen.  Others consider the physician “the expert” in these matters.  Still others believe that in discussing this subject, healthcare professionals are “giving up” on a loved one.

Three new ACP videos are now available in Spanish, Hmong and Somali for these populations.  Each was designed by and for members of the community to best meet sensitive multicultural needs.  Each video explores challenges and barriers facing their broad community.

Each video is completely in Spanish, Hmong and Somali with English or respective language subtitles.  Each video is different – focusing on unique aspects of ACP and end-of-life care experiences.  A “how to use” guide also helps you introduce conversations in healthcare/clinic settings, in one’s private home, and with community groups and organizations.

Every conversation is a cultural conversation.  We hope these <10 minute video “shorts” will help you to begin the conversation in a timely, sensitive way. 

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