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Introducing advance care planning (ACP) and end-of-life conversations with any individual and family requires skill, compassion and care.  Many populations living in the United States have strict taboos on having these discussions.  Many believe that bringing up end-of-life wishes may invite bad things to happen.  Others consider the physician “the expert” in these matters.  Still others believe that in discussing this subject, healthcare professionals are “giving up” on a loved one.

Three new ACP videos are now available in Spanish, Hmong and Somali for these populations.  Each was designed by and for members of the community to best meet sensitive multicultural needs.  Each video explores challenges and barriers facing their broad community.

Each video is completely in Spanish, Hmong and Somali with English or respective language subtitles.  Each video is different – focusing on unique aspects of ACP and end-of-life care experiences.  A “how to use” guide also helps you introduce conversations in healthcare/clinic settings, in one’s private home, and with community groups and organizations.

Every conversation is a cultural conversation.  We hope these <10 minute video “shorts” will help you to begin the conversation in a timely, sensitive way. 

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Honoring Choices Minnesota is  our state’s central advance care planning (ACP) connector.  We work with families, health care systems, human service organizations, faith communities and local associations to encourage families to have this impost important conversation.  To learn more on our extensive impact, click here

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HCMinDC1Honoring Choices is promoting Advance Care Planning in both state and federal legislative bodies.  In a recent visit to Washington DC, CEO Sue Schettle and Director of Program Operations Karen Peterson met with staff from Congresswoman Betty McCollum's office (shown in picture) and Senator Amy Klobuchar's office.  National awareness of the importance of ACP is growing and Minnesota officials are eager for updates about what is happening in their home state.

Locally, bills have been introduced in the Minnesota House and Senate.  Senate files 407 and 410 and the companion House files 970 and 971 are being discussed in committee currently.  The bills will provide state support for communities throughout the state seeking to start ACP programs in their area.  Updates will be sent as progress is made, and the status of any bill can be found by visiting the MN Senate or MN House wesbites.

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Who would have thought of lunch, karaoke, and ACP as the perfect trio?  In Fe bruary, Centro Tyron Guzman's Latino elders human service program in Minneapolis partnered with Honoring Choices to introduce advance care planning conversations with seniors and family members from Mexico, Central and South America.  In a Saturday community-centered program, the myths, realities, and "how to's" of beginning this conversation were introduced to persons of multiple generations and heritages. Participants discussed family experiences and learned why this discussion is so important.  "Not one of 60 participants had really heard of ACP before this session.  It was a completely new subject and a sensitive introduction for them" explained Barbara Greene, MPH, Director of Community Engagement with Honoring Choices Minnesota.

Prior to this community event, a focused pre-education session with Centro Tyron Guzman's staff occurred to determine how to best introduce new ACP principles with seniors.  Their seniors staff supported the introduction of the new Short Form Spanish language health care directive to all participants.  Seniors Program Coordinator Sandra Reyes also shared personal experiences on end-of-life situations with attendees.  This personal story telling was a powerful part of the session.  The strength of community stories in changing perceptions and "norms" about ACP was a crucial learning moment.  Individuals were also surprised to learn that these conversations take place among persons ages 18 and older!

Centro Tyron Guzman's leadership in advance care planning is making a huge contribution toward Latino community awareness on end-of-life care.  Executive Director Roxana Linares has been a strong supporter of ACP education.  Introducing this conversation in a relaxed community setting with food, music and trusted individuals was an important step.   And when the Honoring Choices Spanish language ACP video is completed, it will be a significant guide for future sessions at Centro and across the Latino community!



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Thanksgiving week, Dr. Tom Kottke spoke on local KSTP news about the importance of talking about end-of-life choices when your family is gathered together for the holiday.  Dr. Kottke, Medical Director at HealthPartners and an enthusiastic supporter of Honoring Choices, recommends that the younger generation complete their own healthcare directive (download yours, here) and use that as a conversation starter at the dinner table.

"Hey, Mom, look what I did this week.  I think you should do this, too!"

Dr. Kottke points out that this helps eliminate the confusion and even conflict which can often occur when a loved one is ill.  If everyone knows what the patient wants prior to a critical situation, there doesn't have to be fighting or fear about honoring the loved one's wishes.

Click here to listen to the segment from KSTP news.

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