Honoring Choices values the diversity of our communities and works to meet the needs of differing groups. In the July-August 2014 issue of the TCMS Journal, MetroDoctors, HCM work with culturally-diverse groups and with organizations serving people experiencing homelessness is featured.  See pages 24-27 for all the articles.

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Advance Care Planning is a growing topic of interest for healthcare providers and the public at large.  Honoring Choices Minnesota (HCM) is a nonprofit public health initiative, formed under the auspices of the Twin Cities Medical Society, with the goal of making Advance Care Planning (ACP) the community’s collaborative standard of care, and to ensure that every person’s health care choices are clearly defined and honored.

July 17, 2014 is the fifth annual Sharing the Experience Conference.  This event brings together people working to design and grow ACP programs in healthcare settings, as well as others focusing on education and awareness for the community at large.  The day-long gathering offers keynote speakers, updates and announcements about HCM activities and ACP around the nation, special-interest break -out sessions, and plenty of time for networking and getting to know others in the field.  Details and Registration

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symp plannersAcademic Health Center Students Focus on Advance Care Planning: A UMN Spring Symposium

How can students begin to integrate advance care planning (ACP) and patient-centered end-of-life care into their medical, nursing, social work and other academic studies?

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Friday May 9, 2014, 8AM - 4:30PM  Advance Care Planning First Steps Facilitator Certification Course will be offered to interested healthcare students and professionals, community volunteers, and other interested individuals.  This course follows the Respecting Choices® curriculum to provide the skills to lead conversations on future health care wishes and preferences.  Course information and registraton.

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