Our health care partners are the backbone of Honoring Choices.  Each of our partner sites recognizes the value in being a member of this growing network.

Minnesota is the national leader in developing a state-wide Advance Care Planning initiative.  Everything we do at Honoring Choices is firmly based on the proven methodologies developed by Gundersen Health in LaCrosse, WI in their Respecting Choices program.   We work with local communities and with other states to help determine the best way to build an ACP program which will work in the unique situation and circumstances of the site.   Click here for a list of our national network partners.

We understand the IHI Triple Aim, and our program is aligned with the Institute of Medicine's recent report, Dying in America.

Some of the benefits to partnering with Honoring Choices Minnesota include:

  • Membership in a growing network of others doing the same thing - building a quality ACP program.  This allows for shared communication, strategies, brainstorming and development of resources.
  • More and more people recognize the Honoring Choices name (and the tree logo), so your patients will experience a sense of trust and familiarity when they see it.
  • Multiple health care sites all using the same forms, language, training, and methods makes it easier for patients to transfer between facilities.

In addition, Honoring Choices can help you with

  • Consistent, top-quality training to ensure your staff knows what they are doing and can build an efficient and effective Advance Care Planning program.
  • Personalized consultation to help you design your program to meet your unique needs, taking advantage of your strengths and working together to overcome your challenges.

What do our partners say?

AllinaHonoring Choices presents a unique opportunity to both think outside your own organizational paradigm and collaborate with like-minded individuals who are passionate and knowledgeable regarding end-of-life planning for patients and families.  The conversations and interactions I’ve experienced have been very productive and inspirational.  Our collective synergy is greater than the sum of our individual parts.

EntiraPartnering with TCMS for the roll out of our Honoring Choices at Entira was so helpful!! They were able to get us the necessary educational information, help in training our patient volunteers and on-going support with the other systems was exactly what we needed to know that we were on the right track with our implementation.

ParkNicolletI greatly value the association with HCM because of the credibility they bring to our program.  Their highly professional and innovative team is effective at calling people to a collaborative and action-oriented process that serves to ensure quality services and products.  They continually strive for excellence by using investigative research, developing best practices, standardizing language/documents, and creating richly diverse community partnerships that communicate the message in a positive way.

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for an overview of benefits, requirements and costs associated with partnering your health care practice or site with Honoring Choices.

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