Honoring Choices Minnesota offers First Steps™ Facilitator Training at its Minneapolis site, and offers First Steps Instructor Certification Training and First Steps Design & Implementation Training periodically when there is a demonstrated need.  Each class consists of online modules and an 8-hour classroom day.  Up to 13.25 CEUs may be earned.

First Steps Facilitator 2017 Class Schedule

March 10
Minneapolis    $275 Request email notice when registration opens

We offer additional facilitator training based on demand, and will train at your site. 
Please This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to receive notice of additional class offerings.

We use the Respecting Choices® curriculum and certification

What does it mean to be trained as a First Steps Facilitator?

  • You will learn how to help people think and talk about Advance Care Planning (ACP) in a research-based thoughtful manner, using proven interview techniques
  • You will learn about why ACP is important and how to explain that to others
  • You will become familiar with requirements for health care directives and challenges people face in completing them, as well as learn ways to get past the challenges
  • You will develop confidence in your ability to talk about ACP in a meaningful way with others


What are people saying?  Comments from past participants:

  • "This class was very good! I learned so much about how to have more effective conversations with my residents and families."
  • "Excellent class - I'm hopeful and excited about getting an organized approach in our community!"
  • "This was a great seminar! I learned so much and appreciate making the connections with others."
  • "Very informative! Can't wait to utilize this information."
  • "Eye-opening and really gets you thinking ..."


Training at your location:
        We can bring First Steps Facilitator training to you if that would make it more convenient.  We simply require a minimum of 16 commited participants to reserve the date.  If this is of interest, please email us and we can explain the registration process and fee structure, and start working on details.  If you are not sure you could gather 16 people, we can assist in identifying other nearby sites which might be interested in joining the class.

Who should attend the Design & Implementation Class?

  • If your system is planning to build a solid ACP program, you'll want a strong team from the beginning to maximize success
  • Sending a group of people who will be involved - caregivers, administrators, managers - will make sure everyone is on the same page and can work well together
  • Sending multiple people alleviates the burden of one person trying to teach an entire system or site
  • Time is planned in the class for co-workers to start strategizing right away, with feedback offered from the faculty
  • An investment in the planning will pay off in the implementation!

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