Join the Physician Advocacy Network (PAN) for a series of tobacco product related webinars, made possible by Twin Cities Medical Society and Blue Cross Blue Shield of Minnesota. Learn the latest tobacco trends and patient talking point recommendations regarding these new devices and tobacco cessation. 

Up in Smoke: E-cigarettes
Speaker: Stuart Hanson, MD; 
Pulmonologist; Minneapolis, MN

This webinar will explore the history of e-cigarettes,e-cigarette marketing tactics,and the impact on public health. Understand the e-cigarette scientific landscape along with e-cigarette usage rates among Minnesota teens and adults. 

Up in Smoke: Hookah & Other Tobacco Products
Speaker: Pete Dehnel, MD; 
Physician Advocacy Network Medical Director; Minneapolis, MN
This webinar will explore the changing tobacco market beyond e-cigarettes and conventinonal tobacco. Understand the medical and public health impact of these trendy tobacco devices and the current usage rates among teens and adults in Minnesota.  

E-cigarette Patient Conversations
Speaker: Pete Dehnel, MD; Physician Advocacy Network Medical Director; Minneapolis, MN
How often do you discuss or ask your patients about e-cigarette use? Are your patients asking about e-cigarettes and cessation? This webinar explores the importance of having direct conversations about e-cigarettes and other types of tobacco producuts with every patient and how these conversations impact patient care. Gain recommendations and patient talking points for discussing e-cigarette safety and cessation. Recognize the impact liquid nicotine is having on adolscent nicotine poisonings and the pharmalogical effects of liquid nicotine. Learn what current scientific research examining e-cigarettes and cessation reveals and how you can utilize patient conversations and electronic health records to capture data within your health system.

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