Panel votes to ban e-cigarettes on flights
The Hill- February 11, 2016

The House Transportation Committee approved on Thursday a ban on electronic cigarettes on flights. The measure, which was attached to a funding bill for the Federal Aviation Administration, would extend an existing ban on smoking traditional cigarettes in-flight to include e-cigarettes.
E-Cigarettes’ Effect On The Immune System Could Make Them No Better Than Regular Cigarettes
Medical Daily- February 11, 2016

Electronic cigarettes, or e-cigs, have been marketed in the United States since 2007. Many people believe vaping is not very harmful, perhaps because of the fanciful flavors — everything from cotton candy to tangerine. New research from UNC School of Medicine suggests the opposite may be true with evidence that cinnamon-flavored e-liquids not only harm epithelial cells, but also change immune responses in our airways.
Carver County Adds E-cigs to Tobacco Ordinance
Sun Patriot- January 29, 2016

At the Jan. 5 Carver County board meeting, the commissioners made an update to the county’s ordinances to address e-cigarettes. “The intent of the proposed amendment is two-fold,” said taxpayer services manager Laurie Davies. “It’s to include electronic delivery devices, basically e-cigarettes, into the county’s tobacco ordinances. It is not currently addressed at this point in time. We are also bringing uniformity to the two different sections within the ordinance.”
St. Paul Bans Flavor Tobacco
Minnesota Daily- January 18, 2016

Convenience stores and gas stations in St. Paul have until April to clear their shelves of all non-menthol-flavored tobacco products. St. Paul City Council followed Minneapolis’ lead Jan. 6 when it unanimously passed an ordinance that narrows the sale of flavored tobacco products — including e-cigarettes — to adult-only tobacco stores. The ordinance addressed community concerns that flavored products are accessible to and marketed toward children.
The CDC's Anti-Smoking Ads Now Include E-Cigarettes
Bloomberg- March 25, 2015

The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) is launching the latest strike in a long-running media battle between public health authorities and the tobacco industry to sway Americans’ feelings about cigarettes. Starting March 30, the CDC will roll out a $68 million ad campaign designed to help smokers quit. The campaign expands on the CDC’s three-year-old “Tips From Former Smokers” series, which enlists real people who've been ravaged by smoking. And for the first time, the new ads will also include former e-cigarette users.

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