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TCMS Legislative & Public Policy Committee

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The Legislative & Policy Committee of the Twin Cities Medical Society is represented by physicians living and/or practicing in the 7-county metro area.

The committee is charged with:

  • Evaluating and commenting on issues within local, state and federal government
  • Coordinating with county departments, agencies and elected officials on matters related to health care and the practice of medicine
  • Developing a working relationship between physicians, legislators and other government officials
  • Organizing grassroots legislative activities
  • Developing and recommending to the board of directors of TCMS new public policy programs, services and ventures for the organization to consider
  • Observe the MMA's legislative and public policy efforst and recommend actions to the TCMS board or executive committee when appropriate

Policy Committee Members:

  • Pete Dehnel, MD, Chair
  • Leah Anderson, MD
  • Christy Marie Boraas, MD
  • Matthew Donoghue
  • Kristen Erickson, MD
  • Kendal Farrar, MD
  • Chris Johnson, MD
  • Renee Koronkowski, MD
  • Matthew Kruse, MD
  • Lisa Mattson, MD
  • Marie Olseth, MD
  • Jordan Weil

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