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Honoring Choices Minnesota Education Materials - Terms & Conditions

Electronic Files of Education Materials

Only health care providers and Minnesota-based employers (including Minnesota health care providers doing business in Wisconsin, North Dakota, South Dakota, and Iowa) may purchase education materials that allow for customization (ie. add your company logo, organization information).

Organizations who want to download and or co-brand the education materials must abide by the following:

  • Must fully complete and send to TCMS the Custom Materials and Sub-License Purchase Agreement form or Materials Purchase and Sub-License Agreement form.
  • Sub-Licenses are not activated until a signed license agreement and payment are received.
  • Once TCMS has received the completed agreement form your license will be activated and your account will be given access to the files.
  • Organizations must keep intact the copyright information found on all materials.
  • Organizations may not resell materials.
  • TCMS will be monitoring the use of the education materials purchased for compliance.

Printed Education Materials

Materials purchased are not to be resold, or altered per copyright agreement with Gunderson Lutheran Medical Foundation, Inc. All copyright information is to remain intact on all materials purchased. 

All Education Materials

All education materials for Honoring Choices Minnesota sold by TCMS is done with permission under license from Gunderson Lutheran Medical Foundation, Inc. All materials are copyright protected and can not be altered or put up for resale without permission from Gunderson Lutheran Medical Foundation, Inc.

Additional Terms

When viewing and/or completing a purchase with TCMS, the purchaser, on behalf of the organization materials are being purchased for, is indicating the organization's understanding to abide by all Terms & Conditions.

Individuals viewing and purchasing education materials are indicating to TCMS their agreement to abide by all product Terms & Conditions and the applicable sublicense agreements. 

How to Get Access to Materials

If you are interested in purchasing Education Materials all you need to do is register here for an account. If you are a representative of a Healthcare organization in Minnesota and interested in being able to download the materials and/or branding the materials with your company information then you must purchase a sub- license.

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