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Jan-February 2016
Exploiting the Immune Response to Treatment Patients with Cancer
    Jeffrey Miller, MD
*Luminary of Twin Cities Medicine – John H. Kersey, MD

Mar-April 2016
Integrated Health Care Approach Research-Driven Strategies Improve Strategies for Weight-Loss Surgery
    Daniel B. Leslie, MD
*Luminary of Twin Cities Medicine – C. Walt Lillehei, MD

May-June 2016
Behavior-Change Strategies Key to Achieving Healthful Diet and Activity Lifestyle
    Michelle Draxten, MPH

July-August 2016
Integrative Care for Low Back Pain: Implementing Evidence-Based, Non-Opioid Treatments    
    Florin Oraz, MD and Roni Evans, DC, PhD

Sept-October 2016
Reflections on a Life in Medicine
    Sara J. Shumway, MD    
Gender Matters at the UMN Medical School
    Michael Kim, MD and Kathleen Watson, MD
Women in Medicine Highlight:
    Jennifer Hsia, MD and Erica Sanders, medical student

Nov-December 2016
Dementias:  Neuropathology as a Tool To Unravel Etiology    
    Michael Rosenbloom, MD
Treating Alzheimer’s with a Big Dose of Policy
    Soo Borson, MD and Patricia Carlson, MPH

Jan-February 2017
Treating Depression in Adolescents
    Prachi Agarwala, MD
Education in the Age of Psychiatry 2.0
    Lora Wichser, MD and Kaz Nelson, MD

Mar-April 2017
Help for Adolescents with Co-Occuring Disorders
    Diana Chapa, MD

May-June 2017
The Ongoing Challenge of Clostridium difficile in Healthcare Settings
    Alison Galdys, MD
*Luminary of Twin Cities Medicine – George Sarosi, MD

July-August 2017
Identifying Toxic Stress in the Most Vulnerable Period, Birth to Three Years         
    Maria Kroupina, PhD
Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder:  Alcohol, Assessment and Accessing Care
    Judith K. Eckerle, MD and Kimara Gustafson, MD

Sept-October 2017
Building Strategies with Communities to Address Health Disparities
    Michele Allen, MD, MS and Mikow Hang
IMG Assistance Program Offers Hope for Many IMGs
    Edwin Bogonko, MD and Yende Anderson, JD    
Concern for Patients’ Health and Safety Spurs Interprofessional Teamwork
    Eileen Weber, DNP, JD, BSN, PHN, RN
The Uganda Research Training Collaborative Inspiring the Next Generation of Health Science Researchers Through Global Partnerships
    Molly McCoy
*Colleague Interview – Patricia F. Walker, MD, DTM&H, CTropMed, FASTMH
*Luminary of Twin Cities Medicine – Phillip K. Peterson, MD

Nov-December 2017
Update on Low Back Pain:  Minimally Invasive Sacroiliac Joint Fusion
    David W. Polly, Jr., MD

* = TCMS designated recognition, not sponsored feature

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