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2015 Editorial Calendar

Issue  Theme  Deadline
Jan/Feb Legislative Preview
  • Newborn screening
  • E-cigs
  • Pain Scale

March/Apr            Medical Anecdotes
(Whimsical stories - medical pearls - humor with a message)
  • True stories of patient encounters
  • Amusing, heart-warming (Reader's Digest)

May/June  Chronic Disease Management
(Follow history of disease from diagnosis to end, and various action points along the way)
  • Team care management of chronic disease
  • Updrading ICDA9 to 10
  • Observation versus inpatient
  • Technology for managing care at home

July/Aug Independent Practice - Success Stories, Resources, Opportunities
  • How systems relate to independent practices

Sept/Oct Opportunities Outside of Patient Care (non-volunteer)
  • Surveyors - skill set for surveyors - how do you get them?
  • Entrpreneurs
  • Consultant
  • Medical Directors (e.g. 3M)
  • Extra training - Mini Health Care MBA (St. Thomas,
     Carlson School)

Nov/Dec Accountable Care Act + MNsure
(We are two years into it - where are we?)

Jan/Feb Single Payer

Upcoming: End of Life Issues
  • Legalized Euthanasia  - Netherlands, other countries
  • Assisted suicide 
  • Futility of care
  • Capital punishment
  • Cadre of patients who cannot exist outside of a hospital
  • Atul Gawande - The New Yorker - "Letting go"

  New Technology
Bariatric Surgery
Eating Disorders

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