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This last page series of MetroDoctors, Luminary of Twin Cities Medicine, is intended to honor esteemed colleagues who have contributed significantly to Twin Cities medicine. Below is a listing of past physicians who have been featured. Please forward names of physicians you would like considered for this recogntion to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. , managing editor.

May/June 2010 Vernon Sommerdorf, MD 
July/Aug 2010 Richard Magraw, MD 
Sept/Oct 2010 Arne S. Anderson, MD 
Nov/Dec 2010 M. Elizabeth Craig, MD 

Jan/Feb 2011 Alvin Schultz, MD
Mar/Apr 2011 Elizabeth Jerome, MD
May/Jun 2011 Owen H. Wangensteen, MD
Jul/Aug 2011 Valerie Ulstad, MD
Sept/Oct 2011 Richard Frey, MD
Nov/Dec 2011 Edward Posey, MD
Jan/Feb 2012 Patrick Ward, MD 
Mar/Apr 2012  Glen Nelson, MD 
May/Jun 2012  Paul G. Quie, MD 
Jul/Aug 2012  Mitchell Einzig, MD 
Sept/Oct 2012  Reuben Berman, MD 
Nov/Dec 2012  Amos S. Deinard, MD 

Jan/Feb 2013 A. Stuart Hanson, MD 
Mar/Apr 2013  Laurence A. Savett, MD 
May/Jun 2013  Paul F. Bowlin, MD 
Jul/Aug 2013  Carolyn A. Johnson, MD 
Sept/Oct 2013  Abraham B. Baker, MD 
Nov/Dec 2013  Deane C. Manolis, MD 

Jan/Feb 2014 Robert W. Geist, MD 
Mar/Apr 2014 Susan E. Crutchfield-Mitsch, MD
Charles E. Crutchfield, SR, MD 
May/Jun 2014 Ernest Ruiz, MD 
Jul/Aug 2014 Robert A. Van Tassel, MD 
Sept/Oct 2014 Virginia R. Lupo, MD 
Nov/Dec 2014  Kent S. Wilson, MD

Jan/Feb 2015 Steven Miles, MD
Mar/Apr 2015 Janis Amatuzio, MD
May/Jun 2015 Moses Barron, MD
July/Aug 2015 Joseph Tombers, MD
Sept/Oct 2015 Brian Campion, MD
Nov/Dec 2015 Frank Indihar, MD

Jan/Feb 2016 John Kersey, MD
Mar/Apr 2016 C. Walt Lillehei, MD
May/Jun 2016 David Abelson, MD
Jul/Aug 2016 Wm. Keith Henry, MD
Sept/Oct 2016 Janette Strathy, MD
Nov/Dec 2016 Sanne Magnan, MD

Jan/Feb 2017 James J. Jordan, MD
Mar/Apr 2017 Mark L. Willenbring, MD
May/Jun 2017 George Sarosi, MD
Jul/Aug 2017 Marjorie Hogan, MD
Sept/Oct 2017 Phillip K. Peterson, MD
Nov/Dec 2017 John H. Moe, MD

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