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2018 Public Health Advocacy Fellowship

Our first group of fellowship medical students engaged in advocacy projects that covered a spectrum of public health issues. Below, find a list of our 2018 fellowship participants, their physician mentors, and a sentence summarizing the work they completed.

2018 Fellowship Participants, Mentors, and projects

Emily Ewan, MS3
Sarah Traxler, MD
Researched and developed a policy brief about barriers to long-acting reversible contraception access immediately postpartum, which will be used to advocate for state-wide policy change.

Ryan Fox, MS4
Matt Kruse, MD
Worked to address the stigma and improve access to mental health care.

Bruce Grégoire, MS2
Rebecca Thoman, MD
Researched and advocated for an ordinance for the Minneapolis City Council that would ban free tanning beds in housing near the University of Minnesota.

Whitney Johnson, MS2
Pete Dehnel, MD
Partnered with the Minnesota Department of Health to conduct key informant interviews to learn more about the challenges primary care providers face when referring to the National Diabetes Prevention Program.

Emily Kilen, MS2
Eva Pesch, MD
Worked to compare local climate data and occurrence of infectious disease in Minnesota.

Kyle Lau, MS3
Travis Olives, MD
Partnered with the Hmong Farmer’s Association to address food scarcity by providing crate of vegetables for patients.

Kevin O’Donnell, MS4
Lisa Mattson, MD
Worked with OutFront Minnesota and Minneapolis City Council to prepare and advocate for a Conversion Therapy Ban ordinance in the city of Minneapolis.

Diana Rubio, MS2
Courtney Baechler, MD
Organized opportunities for medical students to learn about food access and equity, and how they can integrate these concepts into their future work.

Dip Shukla, MS3
William Walsh, MD
Partnered with Street Voice and Envision Collaborative to prepare and conduct questionnaire addressing barriers the Twin Cities homeless community faces when trying to obtain housing.

Lucas Zellmer, MS2
Danielle Robertshaw, MD
Partnered with the Minnesota Community Health Worker Alliance to conduct key informant interviews with elected officials to frontline community health workers to inform future policy targets.

June Zolfaghari, MS2
Angela Goepferd, MD
Collaborated with OutFront Minnesota to create a toolkit for public school nurses highlighting how they can best support LGBTQ students.