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2019 Public Health Advocacy Fellowship

In the second year of our program, we are supporting ten medical students from both the Twin Cities and Duluth campuses to build their advocacy skills as they engage in their public health area of interest. Below, find a list of our 2019 fellowship participants, their physician mentors, and their advocacy topic of interest.

2019 Fellowship Participants, Mentors, and Topic of Interest

Thaius Boyd, MS1
Laalitha Surapaneni, MD
Environmental justice for Minnesota tribal communities

Megan Crow, MS4
Matt Kruse, MD
Access to mental health

Maggie Flint, MS4
Sarah Traxler, MD
Maternal mortality inequities

Sami Gibson, MS2
Ed Ehlinger, MD
Reproductive justice | LGBTQ | equitable access

Alex Kuehen, MS3
Jack Lake, MD
Organ donation

Megan Robinson Lucas, MS2
Courtney Baechler, MD
Immigrant rights | racial inequities in women’s health

Aaron Rosenblum, MS2
Eva Pesch, MD
Climate change | agricultural & environmental justice

Tom Schmidt, MS4
Frank Rhame, MD
Expanding syringe exchange

Sruthi Shanka, MS2
Lisa Saul, MD
Women and children’s health equity

Riley Shearer, MS2
Emily Brunner, MD
Research on illicit drug use, particularly methamphetamine