Dr. Pete Dehnel Health Advocacy Fellowship Kick-off

Fellows 2018.jpg

This September, TCMS launched the inaugural year of the Dr. Pete Dehnel Public Health Advocacy Fellowship. The fellowship offers opportunities for medical students to engage in local public health advocacy activities and creates a connection between medicine and public health for physicians-to-be at this critical time during their training.

The eleven students have each selected a topic to work on, including LGBTQ health equity, healthy food access, and housing as medicine, and have been paired with a physician mentor with experience in their area of interest. The following physicians have generously volunteered their time to mentor students during the coming academic year:

Courtney Baechler, MD
Pete Dehnel, MD
Angela Goepferd, MD
Matt Kruse, MD
Lisa Mattson, MD
Travis Olives, MD
Eva Pesch, MD
Danielle Robertshaw, MD
Rebecca Thoman, MD
Sarah Traxler, MD
William Walsh, MD

Please watch for an announcement for our closing reception where the students will showcase their advocacy work in May 2019 and learn more at www.panmn.org/fellowship.

Annie Krapek