TCMS Board of Directors

The TCMS Board of Directors manages the financial affairs of the society, elects officers of the society, and manages the overall direction of TCMS and its related organizations.

Board Composition

The board consists of the following positions:

Executive Committee

  • President

  • President - Elect

  • Secretary

  • Treasurer

  • Past - President

  • 2 At - Large Members

Board Directors

  • 15 Directors

  • 2 Medical Student Representatives

  • 2 Resident/Fellow Representatives

  • 2 Young Physician Representatives

  • 5 TCMS Trustees

  • 2 MMGMA Respresentatives

  • MMA Officers from the East or West Metro

Current Board Members

Executive Committee

Ryan Greiner, MD

Sarah Traxler, MD

Thomas E. Kottke, MD
Immediate Past-President

Andrea Hillerud, MD
Secretary and AMA Alternate Delegate

Rupa Austria, MD

Matthew Hunt, MD


Milton Datta, MD

Kendal Farrar, MD

Kristen Helvig, MD

Matthew Kruse, MD

Jennifer Kuyava, MD

Zeke McKinney, MD

Travis Olives, MD

Chris Reif, MD

Caleb Schultz, MD

Tyler Winkelman, MD

Alex Feng, MD
Resident/Fellow Section              

Jessica Gaulter, MD
Resident/Fellow Section

Bruce Gregoire
Medical Student Section   

June Zolfaghari
Medical Student Section

Lisa Mattson, MD
MMA Policy Committee/At-Large             

Jennifer Tessmer-Tuck, MD
MMA Policy Committee/At-Large

Edwin Bogonko, MD
MMA Trustee    

Carolyn McClain, MD
MMA Trustee

Michael Tedford, MD
MMA Trustee