Boeckmann Community Service and Leadership Award

The annual Community Service Award recognizes "unsung physician heroes" who have made positive contributions to our local community.

Dr. Boeckmann Eduard Boeckmann, MD (1849-1927) was an enterprising physician who developed a preparation process for sterile sutures and later donated his business and proceeds to the Ramsey County Medical Society. Dr. Boeckmann's legacy gift is still a funding source and he is remembered for his passion and generosity for the good of medicine in the east metro area.

Nominee Criteria - The "unsung physician hero"

This award is given to a member of the Twin Cities Medical Society who is considered an “Unsung Hero” who has served in a volunteer capacity in the leadership and development of special community projects or programs; has participated in civic or service organizations/groups; has participated in educational, charitable, faith-based or other projects; or has held public office.