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Editorial Board

MetroDoctors would not be possible without our generous volunteer Editorial Board members, who work tirelessly to review articles submitted for consideration.

MetroDoctors, the membership journal of the Twin Cities Medical Society, is designed to feature articles of interest to physicians and health care administrators in the Twin Cities metropolitan communities. Our Editorial Board members set the editorial calendar and review each article that is submitted for consideration. For information on how to get involved, contact Nancy Bauer at 612.623.2893 or

Editorial Board

  • Peter J. Dehnel, MD

  • Thomas Kottke, MD

  • Robert R. Neal, Jr., MD

  • James Pathoulas, medical student

  • Marvin S. Segal, MD

  • Richard Sturgeon, MD

  • Charles G. Terzian, MD

  • Mac Garrett, medical student

  • Nancy Bauer, Managing Editor