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Public Health Advocacy Fellowship

The Dr. Pete Dehnel Public Health Advocacy Fellowship creates a connection between medicine and public health for medical students by offering opportunities for students to engage in local public health advocacy activities.

2018 Fellowship Participants

We’re proud to have worked with an exceptional group of students during the 2018-2019 academic year. Read more about our 2018-19 fellows here and join us at our open house reception the evening of Tuesday, May 14th to celebrate their work!

2019 Academic Year Applications

The Twin Cities Medical Society is excited to accept applications for the second year of our Dr. Pete Dehnel Public Health Advocacy Fellowship. If you are a medical student who is interested in learning how physicians can create change beyond their clinic walls, we invite you to apply!

About Twin Cities Medical Society

Twin Cities Medical Society (TCMS) connects, represents, and engages physicians in the Twin Cities Metro Area in improving the practice of medicine and advancing public health initiatives. TCMS has a long track record of engaging physicians and medical students in advancing public health issues, including through our Honoring Choices Minnesota and Physician Advocacy Network programs. All University of Minnesota medical students are members of the Twin Cities Medical Society and our partner organization the Minnesota Medical Association.

About the Dr. Pete Dehnel Public Health Advocacy Fellowship

The Dr. Pete Dehnel Public Health Advocacy Fellowship program offers opportunities for medical students to engage in local public health advocacy activities. TCMS will match fellows with a physician mentor and provide advocacy skills training and support throughout the fellowship year. Fellows will plan and undertake meaningful actions to advance public health in a personal area of interest.

The next cohort will begin in September 2019 and conclude in May 2020. We plan to accept 12 students.

  • Two In-Person Workshops
    Fellows are expected to attend 2 half-day workshops, which will take place the mornings of Saturday, September 14th and Saturday, January 11th.  At these workshops we’ll provide training on topics like messaging and communications, pathways for creating change, and legislative advocacy.

  • Monthly Check Ins & Webinars
    In addition to the two in-person workshops, TCMS will host two skill-development webinars for students throughout the fellowship. During months that we do not have a webinar or in-person event, TCMS staff will host a group check in via video chat or email.

  • Physician Mentor
    We’ll match you with a physician mentor with experience in advocacy work in your area of interest. Physician mentors will help fellows both with understanding how they can impact change in their area of interest and understanding how the fellow can grow their advocacy skills.

  • Final Project and Celebration
    With support from TCMS staff and their physician mentor, students will identify and complete a project designed to contribute to their issue of choice. See our 2018 Fellowship Page to read about the projects completed by students this year. Fellows will then share the results of their advocacy work in a format of their choice (poster, video, photo display, etc.) at an Open House Celebration in May of 2020.

What We Are Looking for In Future Fellows

All 2019-2020 University of Minnesota medical students are eligible to apply.

  • Self-driven
    While the TCMS staff are always happy to help you throughout your fellowship, this program is largely self-driven. That means it will be up to you to set up meetings with your mentor, develop relationships people and organizations who are working on your issue, come up with a project idea, and complete your project. How much value you get out of this fellowship is largely dependent on how much work you put in, so we’re looking for fellows who are self-driven (and aren’t shy about letting us know how we can help them succeed).

  • A wide range of skills
    At TCMS, we believe that there are many ways to create healthy communities. Some of those ways include legislative advocacy, but also include things like system/organizational changes, education, relationship building and more. Because there are many ways to make change, we’re excited to welcome fellows with a wide variety of skills and interests.

  • Passion
    And last but not least, we’re looking for fellows who are passionate about creating healthy communities and improving their advocacy skills through learning and doing.


Please share the following information with us in 1-2 pages and email it to us along with your resume. We’re much more interested in getting to know who you are than a long list of credentials!

  • What topic or issue are you interested in working on during the fellowship?

  • Why are you passionate about this topic or about public health advocacy?

  • What would you like to learn from your time in the fellowship?

  • How will you dedicate time to this program in addition to your academic and personal obligations? 

  • What year are you in medical school?

Please send your application to Annie Krapek at akrapek@metrodoctors.com by 5:00pm on Wednesday, May 1st.