Mission and Vision

Our mission is to connect, represent, and engage physicians in improving the practice of medicine, policy development and public health initiatives.Our vision is to provide leadership for the health of our communities.

Five Key Areas of Strategic Focus 

  • Our Public and Community Health Focus
    Goal #1: The Diverse community of the Twin Cities will achieve equity in health and well-being.

  • Our Public Policy Advocacy Focus
    Goal #2: Be the most effective advocate for public policy initiatives important to TCMS physicians.

  • Our Physician Centric Advocacy Focus
    Goal #3: The Twin Cities is one of the best enviornments for physicians to live and practice in the nation.

  • Our Member Focus
    Goal #4: Increase visibility, awareness and benefits of the Society to members and the community.

  • Our Management Focus
    Goal #5: Effectively manage the financial affairs of the Society.

Our History

The Twin Cities Medical Society was launched on January 1, 2010 following the merger of the East Metro Medical Society and the West Metro Medical Society.

The East Metro Medical Society (EMMS), formerly known as the Ramsey County Medical Society, and later Ramsey Medical Society, was established in 1870.  Thomas R. Potts, M.D. served as its first president.  This new name was adopted to more clearly reflect the geographic communities represented by the society, which included Ramsey, Eastern Dakota, and Washington Counties. Under the leadership of Ronnell Hansen, M.D., president and the EMMS board of directors, discussions with the West Metro Medical Society culminated with the merger of the two organizations, creating the Twin Cities Medical Society.

The West Metro Medical Society (WMMS), was the oldest medical organization in continuous existence in the State of Minnesota.  Originally chartered as the St. Anthony and Minneapolis Union Medical Society in 1855, the name of the society changed several times to include Hennepin County Medical Society, Hennepin Medical Society, and West Metro Medical Society.  Alfred E. Ames, M.D. was the first president of the medical society.  Richard D. Schmidt, M.D., served as the final chairman of the WMMS Board of Directors. WMMS represented physicians living and/or working in Anoka, Carver, Western Dakota, Hennepin and Scott Counties in Minnesota.

The mission and work of both organizations centered on representing medicine’s local voice with a longstanding history of advocating for physicians and the practice of medicine.  As a result of the merger, the Twin Cities Medical Society now holds the original organizational structure and boasts the historical legacy of both predecessor organizations.  Edward P. Ehlinger, M.D., MPH, was appointed as the first president of the Twin Cities Medical Society as specified in the official plan of merger.